A Monthly Delivery

Producing the grocery delivery for 133 seniors every month begins earlier than you might think. Here at HSP we prepare the items as much as we can in advance.

Our Monday Morning food sorting team creates the 6 bags of non-perishable food, 2 bags of paper products, & bags up the 7 selections of frozen meat.

2 weeks before the delivery day, we contact the Delivery Day Drivers to see if they will be able to help out. We have 64 different routes and usually we have some drivers that are unable to make it. A week and a half before the delivery day, we then contact our substitute delivery day drivers to see if they will be able to help us distribute our seniors’ most needed groceries.

We send out post-cards to our seniors a week before the delivery day to alert them to call us to inform us if they will be home for the grocery delivery. The Wednesday before the delivery day we order the fresh produce from Caputo’s in Hanover Park.

Friday, the produce arrives and we have a team of volunteers sort it into the seniors’ boxes based on the seniors’ preferences and needs.

Saturday morning we have a team of volunteer loaders who come to our center bright and early to begin taking all of the delivery day items outside: produce boxes, secret pal gifts, non-perishable food, frozen meat, & paper products. Volunteer drivers show up an hour later. The loader team fills their vehicles, gives them maps if they need them, explains what the seniors are receiving, & the drivers go off to deliver the groceries to the homes of our seniors.

Some drivers stay and chat with the seniors or help put the groceries away. The seniors no longer have to worry about if they will be able to afford healthy and necessary groceries.

This whole production could not take place with out the generous contributions from our sponsors and the dedication from our volunteers.

If you would like information about doing a food drive, click here.










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