Senior Citizen Project

The mission of the Senior Citizen Project is to provide nutritional food for the needy elderly in DuPage and Kane Counties every month of the year, and thereby alleviate the suffering and humiliation that poverty brings.

What is the Senior Citizen Project?

It's a promise to provide fresh, wholesome and nutritious food to DuPage and Kane County's needy elderly. Food is purchased in bulk and delivered directly to the seniors' homes every month. The seniors most in need are referred by DuPage County Senior Services, Senior Service Associates in Kane County, and World Relief. We are currently supporting 120 impoverished seniors.

What is the goal of the Project?

The goal of the Senior Citizen Project is to help eliminate the persistence of pain, despair, fear, worry, suffering, and humiliation that the cycle of poverty brings to DuPage and Kane's seniors. We help by ensuring that the basic needs of these seniors are met. This includes the major food groups - grains, fruits, vegetables and frozen meats. We also deliver paper products, cleaning products, personal hygiene products and wonderful gifts that are donated by volunteers. These might include small household items, baked goods, slippers, afghans, light bulbs, candy, etc.

Our "adopted" seniors also receive help from us whenever possible with special requests. By placing calls to our network of dedicated servers, we have been able to meet such needs as oxygen, dentures, air conditioners, vacuum cleaners, microwave ovens, refrigerators, furniture, emergency rent, home repairs, lift chairs, blankets, pillows, and even a wheelchair-ready deck. We are also able to refer our seniors to the Lenscrafters Gift of Sight program, where they receive a free eye exam and pair of eyeglasses. To see our current Senior Citizens' Wish List - click here!

We've been able to help our seniors because of the loving support given when no one else was there for them. Helping to care for the elderly is a wonderful way to share love.

Why can't they buy their own food? They receive Social Security and pensions.

Of the 100,000 seniors in DuPage and Kane Counties, over 8,000 are classified as "needy". This means they receive less than $725 per month and may receive as little as $350 to pay for housing, food, medicine, transportation, telephone, replacement clothing, blankets, dishes, or other household items that wear out as well as personal needs. Needless to say, their dollars are stretched to the breaking point. The food budget is the first to be sacrificed. Although many groups and agencies offer various services, our research indicates that the Senior Citizen Project is currently the only one offering this type of long-term support!

Does the Project make a difference in the lives of these struggling seniors?

Yes! We receive calls from our adopted seniors regularly, letting us know how much they appreciate the generosity that we channel to them. They are not only grateful for the food they receive, but also for the friendly people who deliver to them, the secret pals that provide them with gifts and the special needs we are able to meet. To see some of the thank-you notes from our wonderful adopted seniors, click here.


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